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Lifestyle Coaching | Single Session

Lifestyle Coaching | Single Session

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Whether you’re a competitive athlete working to achieve peak performance, or an individual looking to improve your health and quality of life, resolve to live fully with a customized coaching experience.

Resolve roadblocks in your life to feel liberated, balanced, and strong through diet, lifestyle, and healthy habits to support overall wellbeing.

The Process

Individualized coaching addresses each client as a multifaceted and unique individual. The journey begins with a conversation and informational intake - one in which we learn who YOU are. Through the process of self-discovery, you will learn to harness the power of your mind to achieve optimal health, happiness and liberation from anything that holds you back. Your unique prescription for health is rooted in balance and prevention.

Taking a proactive approach to your health and wellness, we will begin by exploring your digestion, immune system, mental focus, and athletic performance. This discovery process will be used to create your individualized Lifestyle Plan for discovering a fuller, more rewarding life!

What takes place during an initial consultation?

We’ll begin your individualized Lifestyle Plan with an initial consultation to determine your physical, energetic, and psycho-emotional tendencies and patterns. This will help us - you and me, Julie P! - to ultimately gain an understanding of your current state of being, what is balanced, and what is out of balance. 

Based on your unique self, an individualized plan combining disciplines in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and self-care will be developed incorporating your goals. 

This plan is designed to build strength within your body and mind. As we’re building your immune system in the physical aspect, you’ll  also be building the immune system from a psychological perspective by building mental and emotional resilience. 

Will I need regular coaching sessions after the Initial Consult and Lifestyle Plan creation?

This customized Lifestyle Plan will be yours - support, coaching, and further individualization are provided as an option with month or one-time lifestyle coaching sessions.

Designed to evolve as you grow, each coaching session works to further customize your Lifestyle Plan and includes realistic short and long term goal mapping, along with routines and practices to achieve these goals. You work as a team with me, Julie Pomerantz, to create an empowered life full of joy and open to your full potential. Recognizing there will be hurdles along the way, we work to build resilience to overcome and succeed so that you have the tools to continue leaping over life’s obstacles as they arise. 

What is the purpose behind an individualized Resolve with Julie - Lifestyle Plan - built specifically for me?

Recognizing there is no separation between the body and the mind, we work on all aspects of your being to strengthen and harmonize that connection.

We will address:

  • Your physical body 

  • Strength

  • Flexibility 

  • Mobility

  • Emotions

  • Cognition

  • Focus

  • Stress reduction

  • Self empowerment

  • Performance enhancement

  • Calm the mental chatter

  • Positive self talk

  • Joy

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Habits and tendencies

  • Exercise

  • Diet: specific to your innate constitution

  • Self-care routines

How much does Resolve with Julie lifestyle coaching cost?

Programs are designed specifically for your unique self and goals. An Initial Consultation is $99 for 75-90 minutes. Each 60-minute coaching session following your initial consult is $70.

For private yoga sessions - individual or group - the cost is $70 for a 60-minute yoga class.

Step 1: Schedule Your Initial Consult

Dig deep and rise through difficulty, challenges, and adversity.

To schedule your initial consult, click below to purchase your session. From there, reach out via the Contact Page to coordinate a date & time that will work for us both!
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  • Coaching Sessions

    These can take place within the Grand Valley of Western Colorado; Crested Butte, Colorado; or via Google Meet.

  • How to Schedule

    Once you have purchased your desired session(s) please visit the Contact page to schedule your coaching date(s).