About Julie

Julie Pomerantz

Quick Credentials -

    • Ayurvedic Health Counselor
    • Integrative Health Practitioner Student
    • Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapy
    • E-RYT-500 Yoga
    • Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher
    • Yoga for 1st Responders
    • SUP Yoga (PSUPA)
    • B.A. Psychology from Princeton University with focus in Sports Psychology
    • Former Division I Athlete
As a Colorado native, I’ve spent much of my life exploring the great outdoors through sports. I grew up a highly competitive athlete, in gymnastics, swimming and soccer, and I went on to become captain of my Division I soccer team at Princeton University where I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Psychology. 

The mountains drew me back to Breckenridge, Colorado where I worked as a ski patroller, EMT and 1st Responder.  I continued to push and challenge myself both physically and mentally through years of dedicated focus, physical and mental challenges, injury recovery, auto-immune disorder and motherhood.  Ultimately finding balance as the path to achieve optimal health.

Resolve is the culmination of my education, experience, and passion. I have learned and lived by the power of the practices I incorporate into each individualized program for my clients. Through these practices I have fine-tuned the ability to utilize acute awareness and wisdom. With a keen eye for body mechanics we will work on methods to optimize one’s ability to move with strength and efficiency, along with the discipline to cultivate behavior change. 

Combining techniques learned from Sports Psychologists at University of Denver, a degree in psychology, multiple Yoga Therapy Certifications, Movement Therapy and Ayurvedic studies along with a relentless drive to live life to its fullest, I have created a unique holistic program to unlock your full potential, to live at your highest ability while experiencing great joy. My unyielding determination combined with a well of compassion and discipline create a solid foundation for supporting others on their path of self-discovery, liberation and self-improvement. I’d be honored to help you strengthen your RESOLVE.