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Lifestyle Coaching | Monthly Plan

Lifestyle Coaching | Monthly Plan

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Designed to evolve as you grow, each coaching plan includes realistic short and long term goals, along with routines and practices to achieve these goals. You work as a team with Julie - your personal lifestyle coach - to create an empowered life full of joy and open to your full potential. Recognizing there will be hurdles along the way, we work to build resilience to overcome and succeed so that you have the tools to continue leaping over life’s obstacles as they arise.

This monthly plan includes two, 1-hour coaching sessions and may include yoga, movement, cooking, mental focus exercises, and more depending on your unique lifestyle needs.

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  • Coaching Sessions

    These can take place within the Grand Valley of Western Colorado; Crested Butte, Colorado; or via Google Meet.

  • How to Schedule

    Once you have purchased your desired session(s) please visit the Contact page to schedule your coaching date(s).