Presence Over Perfection

Presence Over Perfection

I’m not sure who coined the term “recovering perfectionist,” but that term resonates with me. In reality “perfection” is elusive and non-existent. After all, it seems that no matter what one achieves, it is possible to set the bar higher.  So why limit yourself?  As it turns out, the goal or idea of perfection is self-limiting.

Over the years I’ve learned that presence over perfection produces results far greater than I could have imagined. Focus on perfection draws attention away form what’s happening now, to the future goal or hope or the security of familiar…the goal doesn’t change.  Focus on the present moment, heightens our senses, makes us more aware and illuminates our potential and strengths while showing us where we may be faltering so we can redirect our efforts early in the journey, in real time. 

This awareness and adaptation is the key to growth. By acknowledging the dynamic nature of life, we become fully in tune with what’s happening in the present moment, we see opportunity and seize it. In essence, when we are present we allow ourselves to lose sight of the shore, we lose sight of the limitations of “perfection” and the security of a known end point.  We become open to the possibilities of discovering new vast oceans and unlock our potential. By letting go of comfort and safety we grow beyond all expectations, beyond perfection through presence.

Author: Julie Pomerantz

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