Motorcycles + Yoga

Motorcycles + Yoga

Motorcycles and yoga.

While it may seem like an odd couple, for me it’s a match made in heaven.

The freedom of the open road, the wind in my face, smell of fresh air, sun on my back, blood rushing through my veins, heightened sensations as I travel down the road. The freedom from outside stimulation, noticing every breath, heartbeat, muscle, thought, heightened sensations as I move through the yoga practice.

One is fast, the other slow yet both bring me to the state of flow where there is no distinguishing between inner and outer. The world seems to move in slow motion and whirl by at the same time.

On a motorcycle I am part of the scenery, part of the experience, feeling every bump, dip and ripple in the road. I notice the birds, bugs, plant life and mountains. I feel the expansion and contraction of each breath, muscle, thought and stillness. A micro-movement changes the direction of travel on my bike and in my body. My body is connected to the bike and space just as it’s connected to the earth and space in yoga.

I feel connected to something greater than myself, to a power and appreciation for all of life. Whichever I chose to enjoy on any given day brings me peace, clarity and stillness of the mind.

These are gifts of a lifetime. 

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